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Putto baby skin care series

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Putto baby skin care series


The first professional company specializing in baby clothing and gear
launched in Korea Exceptionally high brand-recognition and the biggest domestic distribution network for about 30 years
Persistent superior market share among its kind, based on its legitimacy and reliability


AGABANG expanding to become a worldwide brand, leaping over the domestic market
- Luxury France Brand, ELLE POUPON
- DEARBABY, setting off your own individual value to your advantage
- Luxury Brand ETTOI, designed with world renowned designer, Hong Eunju
- Basic Elle reflecting the various changing trends of distribution channels
- Gymitt, an exclusive brand for TV Home-Shopping
2ya2ya0, specialized emotional innerwear brand for babies and children
PUTTO, specialized in Baby Skin Care & Cosmetics
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Putto baby skin care series